At East Madison Karate, LLC we believe that self-defense, as a basis of personal protection, is every individual's right.

To develop self-defense skills in our students at East Madison Karate, LLC, we work to provide a safe, supporting and caring learning environment for everyone!

We start slowly with training, gradually increasing the pace and intensity as students gain knowledge, skill and precision. Particular attributes of the art are stressed, such as quickness, speed, strength, power and concentration. As students advance, they will develop expertise in footwork, hand placement, centering, relaxation and maintaining calm during stressful situations.

Each of our Black Belt instructors has his or her contributions to make in developing self-defense skills. Our instructors draw upon drills and concepts from a variety of martial arts, such as Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Boxing, Tai Chi, Karate and Aikido.

We are most proud of the talented people who have begun to master these exciting new skills and have developed entirely new levels of self-confidence and focus at East Madison Karate, LLC. We hope you will want to become one of them.