Welcome to the East Madison Karate, LLC World Wide Web Site.

East Madison Karate, LLC (EMK) has been active in the ongoing pursuit of personal excellence in the martial arts since 1978.

Unique to EMK is the fact that our student membership is approximately half men and half women. This is also true of our instructor ratio. Each of the men and women instructors has a wide background in the martial arts, offering a varied approach to teaching. We are an eclectic school with a foundation in Tae Kwon Do incorporating concepts from other arts such as Aikido, T'ai Chi and Jeet Kune Do. We encourage and challenge students to achieve their personal best.

We ask that our students come with open minds and a commitment to self improvement through practicing and honoring the arts. We feel that personal growth is more important than competition. Our class sizes are kept small and we encourage persons of all ages to participate.

We workout in the spirit of cooperation and believe that everyone has something to contribute to the learning experience. Whether you are from Madison or from out of town, we hope you enjoy our web site and we welcome you to join us for a workout.